| About This Blog |

Welcome to Cooking by Proxy, my newly created blog where I will be sharing my recipes, recommendations and reviews on all things vegan. This blog has been in my mind for some time now and following my return from an incredible trip around Europe, where I happened to sample some beautiful food, I finally decided to bite the bullet and write it.

I will be posting fairly regularly and will be organising some features to appear periodically. My first feature – Vegan in… will review restaurants, cafés and eateries where I’ve enjoyed a good vegan meal both at home and abroad, and hopefully make life a bit easier for vegans planning a trip away.

This blog is new so expect changes, new features and goodness knows what else! Keep cooking!


| About Me |

So a little about me… I’m a 20 something year old woman who has been vegan for the past 10 years, and vegetarian for 10 years prior to that. I love food; from healthy salads, soups and pasta dishes to smoothies, desserts and cakes. There is little vegan food that I won’t try and I’m a firm believer that a vegan can eat just as well as anybody else; so expect a variety of dishes!

If you’re interested in book reviews and recommendations, check out my other blog – Books by Proxy



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